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 Privlaka is a small peninsula situated in the sandy part of northern Dalmatia, connecting to the royal town of Nin to the northeast.

On the southwestern part it is in the vicinity of Zadar, the city that shares its history and culture.

It is 18 kilometers away from Zadar. It is known for its medditeranean climate.

Beach Privlaka

Tourist Destinations



Kornati are around 50 kilometers away from Apartments Laura. This is one of the reasons why it´s a good choice to spend your summer here.

Kornati are the most dense group of islands in the entire Medditeranean sea. They are situated between the islands Zirje, Dugi Otok and Pasman in central Dalmatia.

Among 152 isles, 89 of them were declared a national park in 1980 and put under the protection of UNESCO due to the outstanding environmental beauties and the richness of flora and fauna.

Plitvice lakes

Plitvice lakes were declared a national park in 1949. It´s the biggest, oldest and most popular Croatian national park.

It is a forested mountainous landscape which contains 16 lakes of various sizes, filled with crystal turquoise water, which gradually overflow into one another over the length of 5460 meters. The lakes are classified within two groups; the Upper and the Lower Lakes.

Plitvice lakes


Krka is around 72,5 km and is the 22nd longest river in Croatia. It springs beneath the mountain of Dinara, 3,5 km northeast of Knin.



Velebit or the Velebit massif is the broadest and fourth highest mountain in Croatia. It belongs to the Dinara mountain range.

Apartments Laura are located at an ideal distance from NP Velebit – 50 km.

The entire area was protected as a nature park in 1981, whereas Northern Velebit and Paklenica were declared national parks. Within NP Northern Velebit you can also find the reservate …

NP Velebit


National park Paklenica is the pearl of the Paklenica Riviera and with its magnificient canyons and forest it is definitely one of the most astounding reaches of the Velebit massif.

Apartments Laura are at the distance of 30 kilometers from Paklenica. Considering this distance, choosing Apartments Laura as your summer resort is a great choice.

This is exactly where Velebit opens itself up into the open sea, which enables the mixing of maritime and mountainous…

Hunting in Lika

Croatia is a land rich with hunting tradition, attractive hunting spots and diverse wildlife. One of the rare places in Europe where you can find bears, wolves and lynxes in the same surrounding.

Allow us to show you the hunting grounds which are not far from Apartments Laura.

For you we are ready to organize everything.

For example, hunting tourism represents a significant tourist offer in Lika. These rich grounds are only 30 km away from Apartments Laura



During the 60´s, Croatia was the set for the legendary adventures of the Indian chieftain Winnetou, based on the novels by Karl May.

Apartments Laura offer you the possibility to visit the exhibit in Starigrad-Paklenica, in honor of Winnetou. That´s another way to fulfill your vacation.

Even 7 of total 11 films from the Winnetou franchise were filmed in the vicinity of Starigrad-Paklenica which has become a popular destination for novel enthusiasts throughout the years. The beautiful locations are still the same as they were when they served as the filming stage for these adventures.

The locations for the filming were, among others: Plitvice LakesPaklenica, Krka, canyon of Zrmanja, Velebit, Vrana Lake, Omis, the river of Cetina…