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  Privlaka is a small peninsula situated in the sandy part of northern Dalmatia, connecting to the royal town of Nin to the northeast.

On the southwestern part it is in the vicinity of Zadar, the city that shares its history and culture.

It is 18 kilometers away from Zadar. It is known for its medditeranean climate.

This fishing settlement still cherishes the old fishmongering cultural ways. Hard working people will proudly offer you wine, dried figs, fresh fish, clams…

The sea surrounding Privlaka is unique for its rich ecosystem, as well as the dynamic environment.

Numerous shallow and sandy coves are an ideal place for family holidays and daily stops on the beach with children in the warm, shallow water.

Clean air and the curative black mud facilitate in the healing of rheumatic and gynecological chronical inflammation and skin disease.

Privlaka offers you a wide spectre of cultural/entertainment manifestations throughout the summer, varying from theater pieces, traditional fishing nights, klapa nights to sport events.

“Privlacka noc” (Privlakan night) is the most popular of these manifestations, which takes place every year on the fourth of August.

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