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NP Velebit

Velebit or the Velebit massif is the broadest and fourth highest mountain in Croatia. It belongs to the Dinara mountain range.

Apartments Laura are located at an ideal distance from NP Velebit – 50 km.

The entire area was protected as a nature park in 1981, whereas Northern Velebit and Paklenica were declared national parks. Within NP Northern Velebit you can also find the reservate of Hajduk and Rozan Peaks.

On Velebit one can also find the deepest speleological objects in Croatia; the three-way Pit of Luka, which is  1392 meters deep, and the Slovakian Pit (1320 m).

For mountaineering, Velebit is full of marked pathways, which connect the many mountaineering homes across the mountain.

For mountain enthusiasts this is the ideal crossover considering that throughout your vacation you can experience swimming in a crystal clear sea and feel the freshness and beauty of the beautiful mountain at the same time.

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