Apartments Laura

Apartments Laura

Apartments Laura can be found in the Zadar county, not far from the towns Zadar and Nin, in the small fishing settlement of Privlaka.

Apartments Laura offer comfort.

The apartments are new and well-managed, and therefore the atmosphere is nice and clean, as well as functional!
They are modernly equipped, everything is new, made out of high quality materials. The furniture, carpentry and the beds, which provide refreshment even during days of heat.

All apartments within the complex have a sea view!

Every apartment has Wi-Fi, an air conditioning system, a washing machine, a fridge with a cooler, a clothes iron and a hairdryer. The kitchen is modernly equipped with dishes.

In addition to this, there´s free parking, every apartment has a separate entrance, an outdoor grill, anti-theft doors, fire alarms, a safe, LED lights and an electric blinds system.

The apartments are maintained with natural cleaning means, which is a great advantage compared to non-healthy aggressive means, as they don´t affect the skin and lungs. Therefore, you will feel only the freshest air while residing at Apartments Laura.

Apartments Laura have good placement

Every apartment has a fantastic view directed towards the beautiful Adriatic sea and the Medditeranean pine forest. One terrace has a view towards the great mountain of Velebit.

The beaches are located very close to the apartments and it takes less than 2 minutes by foot to access them.

Between the apartment and the beach there is a beautiful pine park which gives off a comfortable shade and an aromatic scent of the wood itself.

When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes the first thing you will see is the sea, marked with many islands, one of them being Vir.

Apartments Laura happily offer you a completely peaceful, stress-free surrounding.

Apartments Laura also offer various activities

If you love running, cycling, or simply wandering by the beach, whether in the morning or the evening, a 20 kilometer-long path by the sea is available. It stretches all the way from the Vir bridge to the town of Zaton!

Throughout the area you can find beach volleyball grounds, playgrounds, and various other facilities. Besides that, you can also sit at one of the benches and admire the islands such as Ugljan, Vir or Pag. On the Punta beach, there is a monument which informs you that you are located on the westernmost point of Dalmatia which has, over time, submerged into the sea.


Not far from the apartments there are remarkable places worth visiting; the towns of Nin and Zadar as well as four wondrous national parks: Kornati, Plitvice Lakes, Velebit and Paklenica.

Other contents

Domestic eco-products are available to you.

The apartments are at an ideal distance from various important locations, such as the market, the restaurant, the bakery, the pharmacy, which are all less than 200 meters away.

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