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Hunting in Lika


Croatia is a land rich with hunting tradition, attractive hunting spots and diverse wildlife. One of the rare places in Europe where you can find bears, wolves and lynxes in the same surrounding.

Allow us to show you the hunting grounds which are not far from Apartments Laura.

For you we are ready to organize everything.

For example, hunting tourism represents a significant tourist offer in Lika. These rich grounds are only 30 km away from Apartments Laura

The diversity of the wildlife attracts not only hunters, but also photo-safari enthusiasts in search for outstanding peysages and photos of the flora and fauna.

This is an interesting feature whether you decide to come alone, with your friends or your family. There is something for everyone!

You will experience something remarkable and unique.

In the lower forested reaches, in the fields and among the karst you can find many animals, such as the fallow deer, the hare, the fox, the mink and the badger, whereas in the higher forests you can find fawns, wolves, boars, bobcats, lynxes and bears.

In the mountain karst one can find the chamois, the ram and the ibex, as well as many birds, such as the wild pigeon, quail, pheasant, partridge, wild goose, grouse…

The entire hunting area of Croatia, including Lika, is regulated in terms of hunting, and  therefore it is required to have a game warden accompanying you while hunting.