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National park Paklenica is the pearl of the Paklenica Riviera and with its magnificient canyons and forest it is definitely one of the most astounding reaches of the Velebit massif.

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This is exactly where Velebit opens itself up into the open sea, which enables the mixing of maritime and mountainous air, creating excellent climate conditions.

Consisting of karst, Paklenica blooms with various natural stone “sculptures” which intertwine with forested valleys and mountainous plains. It hides a lush underground, which is best presented in the cave of Manita pec.

Orchids and lilies on green expanses, endemic flowers on rocks, dense forests of black pine and diverse species of butterflies and birds, are only part of the blooming natural life that resides in the area of the park.

All of the beauties of the Paklenica can only be truly experienced while exploring it by foot, which is why there are over 150 kilometers of mountain pathways.

One of the biggest attractions of this area is the fact that you will enter the primal ambient of Paklenica inless than a couple minutes of walking from the coast.

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